Paddock Paradise, a technique in which the welfare and recovery of horses is essential

In our facilities, within an estate of 4 ha. we have boxes of 3*3.5m. of wood, with superior ventilation and bed with straw pellets and sawdust (mixture of 60%/40%) that guarantees us the absence of dust besides offering high absorption of urine, removing the ammonia that softens and hurts the hoofs.

The Paddock Paradise is a technique that is used for horses resting from competition, or recovering from any injury or ailment. To speed their recovery the horse walks barefoot, and we ensure a daily movement of several kilometers in different soils (sand, prairie, mud, gravel, etc.). We also monitor with our master farrier every horse every day, so we provide sure benefits for the recovery and the welfare of the horse.

Pupilaje y Paddock Paradise Pupilaje y Paddock Paradise


Boarding and Paddock Paradise Boarding in box180 €/month Boarding in box with communitary paddock200 €/month Boarding in box with single paddock225 €/month Boarding in Paddock Paradise300 €/month


Recommendations Feeding will be made in two daily doses of feed with crushed grain and hay. For special needs, please contact us. We provide veterinary care, and the possibility of horseshoes or a complete follow by our entitled master farrier, with hot shoeing technique and extensive experience in Barefoot.