Carriage rides, do you fancy going on a picnic in a spectacular tour?

We have an open cart and two chariots, one for a horse and one for a pony. The open cart is for 4 people and driver, the horse chariot is for 3 people and driver, and the pony one is for the driver and a passenger.

We can go through Campoo tracks and paths, to Palombera, towards the birth of the Ebro river, in Fontible, to the paths between Villacantid meadows, make a visit to the castle of Argüeso, or the chapel of Labra, or Riaño, or Soto…

Our Frisian, Arjen, our Spanish-Breton Lola, or our pony Caruso, will calmly take us there, allowing us to enjoy every corner and every meter of the way, as if we were in the late eighteenth century, living a different and comfortable travel, with an immersion in the landscape, without glasses or motors, only the sound of our horses, a pleasure for the senses.

We can arrange a picnic, or go to wherever you want, whether to eat, to learn or just to enjoy the ride.

Paseos en calesa Paseos en calesa


Carriage Rides Open cart30 €/hour Chariot25 €/hour Chariot mini20 €/hour


Recommendations For schedules, availability, picnics, etc., please arrange in advance

Call (+34) 610 568 724 and ask for more information