Gypsy Caravans, a different experience

If riding provides a sense of freedom, if increases our fusion with the environment and nature, if we feel that our perception of the enviroment grows as we travel, imagine adding to it the nomadic experience, feel a dusk or a dawn in the incredibly calm countryside, with "your house in your back" so you don't miss anything but with the precariousness of the essential, letting time passing by in each pasture, woods or anywhere you choose to stop, eat or sleep…

All these and more can be experienced in our Gipsy Caravan, a small "motor home" of animal traction, equipped with bunk beds, table and chairs, kitchen, etc. so you can ride in our sidewalks and roads, as the "foramontanos" did in their path to Castile, or as the Hungarian gypsies still to in the Central European plains.

So, with the guarantee of our Spanish-Bretons, rustic, quiet and powerful pulling it, you'll go over nature at a different pace, watching it from another perspective, another magic… Don't forget that our environment is there to enjoy as it is, don't alter it, our motto is zero tolerance, it's our responsibility and yours.

Gypsy Caravan Gypsy Caravan


Gypsy Caravans Weekend180 € Full week475 € Weekend goes from saturday morning till sunday evening Full week goes from monday morning till sunday evening


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