Equestrian baptism, the best initiation ceremony

We have designed an entire initiation ceremony to riding. Over two hours in which we will be transforming someone who never got on a horse in a novice rider, but equipped with basic knowledge and skills that will allow you to keep practicing with a solid, safe and fun base.

You'll be provided with basic knowledge of morphology of horses, riding techniques, types of chair and mouth. Our Equestrian Guide will officiate the ceremony, will help you at all times and a certificate will credit your beginnings in the noble art of riding, and also there will always be some surprises…

If you already ride and have someone close who hasn't ever done it, this is a great way to encourage him! MAKE A DIFFERENT GIFT!

Bautismo ecuestre


Equestrian Baptism Baptism Day60 € The price includes: two-hour ceremony, riding at least two horses and conducting a charrette, certificate, photos, a bottle of cava and a souvenir-gift from the experience


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