Accommodation en route, to spend the night in the country

In addition to the agreements with the extensive network of proven quality hotels in the area, for special situations where we choose to spend one or more nights in the country, we have yurts and tipis.

The Mongolian yurt has a circular floor of eight meters in diameter and can accommodate 10 people comfortably with a fire in the center. The tipis have different capacities, they're for 2, 4 and even more people.

Both solutions will bring us comfort and protection from the wind and rain, without having to carry it in our horse, as it will be transported and installed by our support team. Thus we'll have a different medium that allows us to enjoy the environment, the sunsets and sunrises and all their outstanding beauty.

We can also rent you one of our solutions for any event where you need them, don't hesitate to call us.

Alojamiento en Yurta Alojamiento en Tipi


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